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Working hours: 11am – 7pm Tuesday thru Friday

10am – 2pm Saturdays

(832) 778-7200

5803 Lyons Ave. Houston, TX 77020 get directions

[plethora_teaserbox title=”Parking Spaces” subtitle=”You can park your car just outside or there is Parking in the back of the building. ” boxed_styling=”boxed” media_type=”icon” icon=”fa fa-car” button=”0″][/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”Bus Routes” subtitle=”Visit this link to find your Metro Route” boxed_styling=”boxed” media_type=”icon” icon=”fa fa-bus” button=”0″][/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”Accesibility” subtitle=”We use ramps for easier access.” boxed_styling=”boxed” media_type=”icon” icon=”wmi icon-i-accessibility” button=”0″][/plethora_teaserbox]